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@Infinio Accelerator v2.0: lightyears ahead of the competition?

I’ve blogged about Infinio in the past (with similarly pun-intended titles, such as To Infinio and beyond! and Infinio Accelerator: downloadable storage performance (but not quite yet)), and have some hands-on experience with the product. Like other vendors in the server-side caching and I/O acceleration space, the solution is very transparently installed and managed. For Infinio, this is a strong focus, as their solution will install and de-install without any impact on production at all. From an architecture standpoint, this usually means that the solution aligns very closely to existing integration points and methods. In Infinio’s case, they integrate into the vSphere platform using a standard virtual appliance per host, and some basic networking stuff to put that appliance in I/O’s way to optimize, cache and optimize.

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