Unprecedented Storage Performance for VMware | Infinio

Infinio Accelerator brings lightning-fast I/O to any storage.

Virtualization environments are growing at a breakneck pace, and you’re probably putting significant investment and effort into ensuring that your storage performance keeps up with your application requirements.

We built Infinio to bring high performance I/O to any storage architecture.  These three principles guide our design:

1. The fastest storage performance comes from putting the hottest data in the server, close to applications.

As storage media has become increasingly faster, the network has become the new bottleneck.  Because Infinio serves I/O server-side, we can provide performance that is significantly better than relying on lengthy round-trips to and from even the highest performing all-flash array.

2. You need a “memory-first” architecture to realize the best storage performance.

RAM is orders of magnitude faster than flash and SSDs, but is price-prohibitive for most datasets.  Our solution to this problem is a content-based architecture, whose inline deduplication enables RAM to cache 5X-10X more data than its physical capacity.  If you need additional caching capacity, you can add a server-side flash tier built on PCIe flash, SSDs, or NVMe devices.

3. Delivering storage performance should be 100% headache-free. 

Our software enables you to use server-side RAM and flash transparently in your storage environment, supporting native storage features like snapshots and clones, as well as VMware integrations like VAAI and DRS. When you install Infinio, the software begins to provide value immediately after a non-disruptive, no reboot, 15 minute installation.

The result is a set of unprecedented performance benefits, giving your more breathing room in your existing environments, and flexibility in how new storage is purchased.

With Infinio, see:

  • 20X decrease in latency
  • 10X increase in throughput
  • Lowest cost for performance ($/IOPS)
  • Lowest cost for capacity ($/GB)

When storage performance is paramount, Infinio Accelerator is unquestionably the fastest, most effective, and least disruptive solution available.