Unprecedented Storage Performance for VMware | Infinio

Decrease build times and improve test correctness in your software build and test environments.

Decrease build times

Are you struggling to finish nightly automation builds before developers arrive in the morning?  Or to support continuous automation environments with demands to rebuild code continually? If your ability to deliver these services is limited by hardware infrastructure, Infinio can help.

By providing a caching layer between servers and storage that keeps a copy of commonly requested data, Infinio can improve response time significantly. For your serial operations such as a sequence of builds and tests, you can see wall clock time reductions of an order of magnitude. For your parallel operations, like a set of builds on different operating system platforms, you can see an effective reduction in run time as well.

Improve test correctness

Is undersized storage infrastructure at the root of your unsuccessful test process?  Discrete tests with timeouts as part of their acceptance criteria can fail if storage causes too much latency, often taking down a series of complex tests within an automated framework.

Infinio can improve test correctness by fixing one of the root causes of false positives: storage latency. Infinio’s caching layer can improve the response time of storage systems that are overloaded, thus eliminating the possibility that storage latency interferes with the testing process.

Leverage existing hardware

Software may be your company’s core business, but too often, build/test is not a budget priority. Infinio can bring new life to your aging storage systems, with no new hardware, no disruption, and no operational changes for you to absorb. With Infinio, storage systems that have slowed due to outdated hardware or insufficient resources are still able to support demanding and complex build/test automation environments.