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Storage Acceleration: Scalable software build and test infrastructure on a budget

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Infinio offers a cost-effective and non-disruptive storage acceleration solution to support build/test operations. Join Peter Smith, VP of Product Marketing and Gavin Gray, Technical Director of Software Delivery during this webinar to learn how Infinio’s server-side cache can help your organization to:

  • Improve build times by providing a distributed caching layer between servers and storage that keeps a copy of commonly requested data
  • Reduce wall clock time for serial builds and tests
  • Improve test correctness by eliminating storage latency that often interferes with the testing process
  • Bring life to an existing hardware without any disruptions or changes to your operations and no need to buy new hardware.

    About the speakers


    Gavin Gray
    Technical Director of Software Delivery

    Gavin Gray is the Technical Director of Software Delivery at Infinio Systems. Gavin joined Infinio after an eight-year tenure at VMware where he held a variety of development, test, build, and leadership positions. Most recently, Gavin was a member of VMware’s End-User Computing Office of the CTO, where he was in charge of optimizing software delivery throughout the EUC product portfolio. Prior to VMware, Gavin developed software in support of radar defense systems research at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

    Peter Smith
    Vice President, Product Management, Infinio Systems

    Peter Smith drives the cross-functional strategy for Infinio’s products and technology. He brings more than ten years of expertise as an infrastructure architect and IT operations director. In previous companies including Harvard Business School and Endeca Technologies, Peter managed full-service datacenters and colocation spaces. Most recently Peter led infrastructure services for Endeca, and has also directed operations of customer-hosting infrastructure for clients including American Express, Fidelity UK, Bank of America, and Nike


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