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Boosting Storage Performance from the Server Side

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Storage performance problems can be some of the most difficult challenges to address. Typically, organizations have turned to faster drives or upgraded arrays. However, server-side technologies represent a significant opportunity to improve performance.

Howard Marks will present how using compute server resources to accelerate storage access can bring greater levels of storage performance and flexibility to the modern data center while simultaneously helping to keep costs under control. 

During this webinar, you will also learn about:

  • Leveraging the low latency of server memory to improve performance
  • Extending the life of your existing storage systems
  • Allowing administrators to dynamically allocate storage performance to applications or VMs
  • Taking advantage of the lower cost of server resources


About the speaker


Howard Marks
DeepStorage, LLC

In over 25 years as an independent consultant Howard has built and/or reengineered server and storage infrastructures and networks for organizations from Borden Foods and The State University of New York at Purchase to accounting and law firms. He started testing and reviewing products at PC Magazine in the late 80s and has written hundreds of articles and product reviews for Network World, Network Computing and InformationWeek amongst others. He’s spoken at Comdex, Interop, Networks Expo and developed training programs for organizations including JP Morgan and American Express. Where other analysts typically have marketing or sales backgrounds Howard’s continuing involvement with users facing real problems brings a perspective those users find more useful.


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