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Customer Solution Spotlight:
Law Firms

Law firms have a unique set of IT priorities and constraints. Strict SLAs govern the business applications of the firm, particularly those that provide e-mail, document management, and billing. And the economic structure of firms can often constrain IT’s CapEx budget, making it difficult to satisfy the firm’s most demanding – and most strategic –Continue reading “Customer Solution Spotlight:
Law Firms”

On-Demand Webinar:
Real-World Deployment of Infinio
With Pillsbury Law

In this webinar, you’ll hear directly from our customer David Comer, Senior Network Engineer at Pillsbury Law.  Pillsbury runs a sophisticated IT organization, with two datacenters across the country from each other, 20 remote offices, and a range of HP and NetApp hardware. David will share his experiences trialing, piloting, and implementing Infinio, including performance resultsContinue reading “On-Demand Webinar:
Real-World Deployment of Infinio
With Pillsbury Law”

Optimizing Storage
Performance in an All-Flash World
(Recorded Webinar)

Former Infinio VP of Engineering, Tom Linnell, presented this webinar. Tom is a storage performance expert with over three decades of experience at IPL, Andatico, and EMC, and he covered topics including: – 3D NAND vs 3D XPoint – Intel Optane performance – The latency / IOPS curve, revisited – Measuring storage performance – EngineeringContinue reading “Optimizing Storage
Performance in an All-Flash World
(Recorded Webinar)”