Unprecedented Storage Performance for VMware | Infinio

Get the World's Fastest VMs

Infinio server-side caching software:

  • Accelerates any VMware storage: SAN, NAS, DAS, HCI, all-flash and VSAN
  • Delivers 80 microseconds (0.08ms) response time by caching the hottest data on host RAM 
  • Increases IOPS to 1,000,000 per host with a tiered cache across RAM and flash devices
  • Shows results instantly following a 15-minute installation that doesn’t require any downtime
infinio dashboard image
Adjusting Cache Size On Demand Image

World's Easiest Trial

We designed the trial of Infinio to be the easiest in the world.

  • Install in 15 minutes, with no downtime, data migration, or reboots
  • Try it for 14 days, with no limits on RAM, SSDs, VMs, or hosts
  • Keep using all your storage tools and VMware features
  • Remove Infinio after 14 days with no downtime (But we don’t think you’ll want to!)

Accelerate Anything

With Infinio, you can accelerate any storage you can use with VMware. We support:

  • Any storage that you find on VMware’s Hardware Compatibility Guide, including SAN, NAS, DAS and HCI 
  • A multitude of classic vendors, including EMC, NetApp, and HPE
  • All the popular newer vendors like Pure Storage’s all-flash arrays and Nutanix hyper-converged
  • The most current NVMe, Intel Optane, and solid state (SSD / flash) cards
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Learn more about the engine

Infinio’s memory-centric cache is built on a patented content-based architecture with VMware APIs, featuring:

  • Native inline deduplication
  • Tiered architecture when used with flash devices, like SSDs or NVMe devices
  • VMware’s VAIO platform, which gives us VMware Ready certification and a signed VIB from VMware