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Startup News Flash part 8

Part 8 already of the Startup News Flash. It is just a short one, not too many new things but some worth mentioning in my opinion.

Infinio just announced Infinio Accelerator 1.0. I wrote about what Infinio is and does in this article, in short: Infinio has developed a virtual appliance that sits in between your virtual machine storage traffic and your NFS datastore. The Infinio virtual appliance enhances storage performance by caching IO. Their primary use case is to do caching in memory. Infinio’s primary marketing message is: “100% software only – No new hardware, no reboots, no downtime”. It will accelerate any workload type running on NFS and is available for a shockingly (if you ask me) low price of 499, and they offer a free 30-day trial.

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