Unprecedented Storage Performance for VMware | Infinio

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To Infinio, and Beyond!


Infinio offers a product called the “Infinio Accelerator” that can accelerate your datastores without the additional costs of overhead hardware or environment changes. The solution is software based that’s also downloadable from the Internet. The Infinio Accelerator addresses pain points in network storage systems attached to virtualization hypervisors such as high I/O or latency. Some of you might be saying, “Hey Nigel, we already know who Infinio is!”, well to those folks I say, “Step off!”. I still have something to say, albeit later than others.

I was attracted to this product for a few reasons. The first and foremost reason has to be that I did not have to change my VMware infrastructure to even try this product out! The Infinio Accelerator is very non-disruptive to the virtualization infrastructure that it can be installed and uninstalled during production without anyone noticing what has happened. Second, was the fact that I was not going to pay an Arm & Leg plus a Blood sample to get this product up and running.

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