Unprecedented Storage Performance for VMware | Infinio

ESX Virtualization

Infinio Accelerator 2.0 Released today. What is Infinio? It’s an unique caching solution that only needs some RAM from your hosts to create shared deduplicated caching pool which will accelerate your VMware vSphere environment.

With such a cache in place, the storage requests does not need to go all the way down to your NAS, but it’s the cache which serves the requests (and is in between the ESXi host and the storage system), not the back end NAS device. And all the cache sits in the RAM – the fastest medium!

As a results the offloaded requests are served much faster from RAM than would have been from the storage device which is laying further down the whole storage stack.

Easy Setup!

The setup is very easy and non disruptive as you don’t have to reboot your ESXi hosts, vCenter or storage system. Infinio has 30 days trial where you can test the full product during that period. As you’ll see during the setup I’ve done, only single IP address is needed so you don’t have to worry about reserving the other IP addresses for the accelerator’s VMs as this process works out of the box behind the scenes. No storage-side changes do not has to be made as well, the solution is completely non-disruptive.

I have had an occasion to try the pre-release version in my lab. It’s a semi automated process where the product first gathers the necessary network information and you also create login, password in order to be able to connect to the management appliance.

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