Unprecedented Storage Performance for VMware | Infinio

Infinio Accelerator can be deployed in less than 15 minutes, with no disruption, no additional hardware, and with no changes to your storage configuration.

15-minute Installation

Infinio’s installation is easy and entirely non-disruptive with no reboots or downtime. It can be completed in just a few steps via an automated installation wizard.  You provide vCenter credentials, and the software deploys the Management Console. There are no disruptions or reboots, and no need to put hosts into Maintenance Mode.

Once the Management Console is deployed, you can easily select individual VMs or groups of VMs for acceleration. The UI makes it simple to filter by cluster and search by name to identify the VMs you want.  Infinio is deployed as a VMware Installation Bundle (VIB), which installs an I/O Filter. The I/O Filter is then applied to selected VMs and acceleration begins immediately.

Seamless VMware and Datacenter Integration

 Infinio is built on VMware’s vSphere APIs for I/O Filtering (VAIO) framework. This enables administrators to use VMware’s Storage Policy Based Management to apply Infinio’s storage acceleration filter to VMs, VMDKs, or groups of VMs transparently.

An Infinio cluster seamlessly supports typical cluster-wide VMware operations, such as vMotion, HA, and DRS. Introduction of Infinio doesn’t require any changes to the environment. Datastore configuration, snapshot and replication setup, backup scripts, and integration with VMware features like VAAI and vMotion all remain the same.


Single Click Operations and Analytics


All operational and reporting operations take place within Infinio’s UI. With a single click you can turn acceleration on or off for each VM in your environment. Advanced reporting lets you see aggregate performance improvements, as well as drill down to the VM-level for minute-by-minute performance analysis. Other common tasks such as increasing the cache size can also be initiated with a single click.