Unprecedented Storage Performance for VMware | Infinio

Improve end-user experience of virtual desktop deployments with a software-based, non-disruptive storage acceleration solution.

15-minute Installation

The key to a successful VDI deployment is providing a good user experience for remote workers. But the unique nature of VDI workloads can overwhelm your storage system, and reduce performance to unacceptable levels.

Infinio’s deduplicated server-side cache works across the entire cluster to smooth storage I/O spikes and reduce latency times. The result is faster virtual desktops and happy users. All without any new hardware or interruption in service.

Improve user experience

Has your virtual desktop deployment been delayed because of poor user experience?  Whether the poor performance is during interactive operations (like opening Microsoft Word) or during coordinated events (like boot-up or anti-virus signature updates), it can kill a VDI project.

Infinio improves your users’ experience during both steady-state operations and peak load times. By serving many I/O requests out of cache, Infinio is able to provide much faster access to data than what your users would experience from the storage system.

Fix stalled deployments

Perhaps you deployed virtual desktops in a small IT-centric or executive pilot, only to find that your infrastructure isn’t scaling as you add users.  What do you do? Abandon the project until the next budget cycle, or go “back to the well” for more funding to complete deployment?

With Infinio, VDI performance issues can often be resolved without any investment in new hardware. Why not try a free 14-day evaluation to see how Infinio can improve your performance problems? Our cost-effective, term licensing model can often fit easily into an operational budget.

Leverage existing storage investments

Many organizations find that their small pilot projects do not translate to large-scale VDI deployments as they add additional users. Then the choice is whether to scrap the project or ask for more funding to complete deployment.

With Infinio, performance issues can often be resolved without any investment in new hardware. A free 14-day evaluation can show you if Infinio will improve VDI performance problems, without any downtime to users or changes to operations.

Some organizations find that with Infinio, they can purchase less expensive storage and still reach their performance requirements. Others find that their existing storage hardware is adequate and can even be shared with other workloads once Infinio is deployed.