Unprecedented Storage Performance for VMware | Infinio

Get exceptional performance for tier-one applications and databases

If your organization has adopted virtualization full-scale, you may be finding out how demanding tier-one applications can be on storage. Applications like SQL, Exchange, and Oracle can require lower latency and higher IOPS and throughput than traditional arrays can provide. Infinio provides an alternative to hardware solutions to address these performance problems. By building a caching layer in RAM, Infinio can improve response time, even during peak load times.

Reduce storage costs

Storage costs can comprise a significant portion of your IT budget, as you struggle to find a solution that meets growing requirements. You may be buying storage for capacity, but more likely you are adding drives and specialized hardware (like SSDs or flash) to meet growing performance demands. The associated operational costs—such as complexity and training— can be steep as well.

Infinio can bring new life to your existing hardware by inserting a distributed, caching layer between your hypervisor and your storage.  This can offload 65-85% of read requests from back end storage, often extending its life or enabling it to handle more applications or users. With an annual-term licensing model, Infinio can easily fit into your operating budget, at less than the cost of maintenance on a new array.

Increase performance for online transaction processing

Your applications run your business – they are the most important tool your users have to get their work done. When performance is slow, or there are delays in processing, it can impact your bottom line. However, you may not have the right hardware necessary to support growing business needs.

Infinio can increase application performance by reducing storage latency. During steady-state daily operations, improved response times can result in applications that better meet business requirements.  Users and customers can enter and access data faster, getting their work done more effectively. 

Decrease times for reporting and analytics significantly

The storage I/O requirements for database reporting can be vastly different from that of the transactional activities of databases. In a virtualized environment, the impact of this can be magnified, as the “I/O blender effect” can further tax storage systems and reduce the dedicated resources for reporting.

By leveraging server-side resources for storage operations, Infinio can deliver IOPS at a microsecond response time, improving database reporting performance by minutes or even hours. With faster reporting, organizations can understand data, see trends, and make decisions faster.