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Infinio Accelerator 1.2 now with vSphere 5.5 compatibility   Infinio is a software company which provides an unique server side software acceleration solution for NAS which

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ESX Virtualization

Infinio Accelerator 2.0 Released today. What is Infinio? It’s an unique caching solution that only needs some RAM from your hosts to create shared deduplicated caching pool which will accelerate your

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Company FAQ’s

Infinio Accelerator is a software-based server-side cache that provides high performance to any storage system in a VMware environment.  It increases IOPS and decreases latency by caching a copy of the hottest data on server-side resources such as RAM and flash devices. Native inline deduplication ensures that all local storage resources are used as efficiently as possible, reducing the cost of performance.  You can see results instantly following the non-disruptive, 15-minute installation that doesn’t require any downtime, data migration, or reboots.

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Yes. Infinio’s innovative tiered caching architecture is built around RAM as a primary tier, with the option to add flash devices or SSDs to increase the cache size. 

Yes!  Please fill out this short trial request form, and a member of our team will contact you shortly to get you started.

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